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Propagation House Spatial Design Studio


 (Goal) The goal of Polarity is to collect the most amount of points by the end of the game. Points are earned by successfully knocking marbles out of the ring. Each marble is worth 1 point- "voids" are not counted.
 Players take turns shooting or tossing one of their their regular & steel marbles on the map. Each marble that enters the arena becomes playable- all marbles in play can be shot or leveraged by both players.
 Opponents may "shoot out" any marbles already on the board with their respective ammunition during their turn: 5 regular marbles, 2 steel & two voids. Whoever goes first takes on a disadvantage at the onset of the game, but earns the right to shoot first in phase 2
 (Note on "Voids" 
 "Voids" may be used at any time during phase one- they may be shot from the edge, dropped from above or directly placed on the board. Voids work like black holes, creating a magnetic gravity field on the board- these can be leveraged to "trap" steel marbles, defend an area or "possess" other pieces on the board from above.
 Power option: Players can leverage the effect of a voids field against the board- directly manipulating the playing field through their magnetic pull to knock other pieces out of the ring- so long as they do not physically touch other pieces with their hand during this call. 
 Once the void touches the board, the next players turn begins. (note:  IF a players void mistakenly draws a piece up from the board, their void can no longer be played & any pieces lifted from the playing field are given to the opposing player.  

 (Once a possession is recognized by the opposing player, they may begin a countdown of 10 seconds. If a player breaches the time limit, their points are given to the opponent.)


Phase 2: Shoot
Once each players hand has been played- opponents take turns knocking marbles off of the board with their shooters until "Clarity", when no marbles are left on the board except voids & their catches- any marbles still attached to a void are removed from the count.

Phase 3: Ties & Sudden death
If both players end with an equal number of points, they must go back to phase one, but with a single marble & simultaneous toss onto the map. The turn would continue chronologically- whoever rolled last must wait. Tie breakers may continue through as many rounds as needed, each round with an added marble toss: 1, then 2, 3.



Propagation House Games:

An ancient game from an alternate reality...

A Tabletop Physics Game by Propagation House


Our aim trainers include two voids & one white base target to practice leveraging the power of your voids' magnetic fields between matches with others. Beyond fidgeting, these can become powerful playing tools in the hands of a skilled user. Great for practice & made from hand stitched genuine leather & suede, they also provide two quiet, tactile surfaces, one rough & the other smooth: perfect for practice on varied terrain & daily mindfulness exercises.

Polarity Aim Trainers

Packed up: A pocketable suede bag to hold everything together-  hand threaded & ready for daily use. Unfurled: A Polarity board with a Propagation House stylized shape array found on the interior, including an 8x8 grid perfect for traditional games like checkers, chess & more. 

Included are:
White Marbles - (x5)
Black Marbles - (x5)
Steel Marbles - (x4)
"Voids" (x4)

Each piece is made to order directly from our studio- for personal customization estimates, contact us.


Game Board & Marbles

The Collectors' Set includes a Polarity Board, pieces & two aim trainers with unique targets.

Collectors' Set

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