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Propagation House Spatial Design Studio

Bridging the gap between

Planting seeds for global culture.

We guide brands & organizations through the transition to 3D with confidence & tangible impact.

About Propagation House

Propagation House is a spatial design studio exploring virtuality as a medium for art & humanity. 

We design unique 3D virtual architecture, immersive experiences, in-house fashion, real-world tangibles & a host of multimedia for our global audiences alongside end-to-end virtual production & 3D design services through strategic partnerships with high end brands & organizations.

Our client services include 3D world design, hybrid media & transitional branding packages, virtual production, consulting, team training & more.

Landmarks & Locations:

Propagation House has been building virtual architecture & infrastructure within the net for years. Visit our virtuality map for an in depth view of our featured & suggested locations. Work, relaxation, gaming or research: we've got you covered.

Merchandise & Media

House books,
ready-made virtual architecture,
framed art prints, seasonal fashion collections, exclusive downloads & more.

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