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Propagation House Spatial Design Studio


Ortho_fog_full model 2(Character)-2.jpg

Drop in.

Real-time 3D.

PHSDS Locations

Explore the multidimensional worlds of PHSDS.

Most days of the week, this is where you'll find us in real-time.
Open lounge & community access 24/7, 365.

We built a back-door dimension to host the largest library & data archive on the internet. 

PHSDS is a trusted member of the Epic Games Fortnite Creator Program:

Propagation House Records:


Polarity: A Tabletop Physics Game by PHSDS

Our first book: "The Bridge: Fundamentals of 3D Spatial Design" is now available for public access (!)

Our latest release: The Bridge offers an insightful look & discussion on approaching the new era of a spatial web- discussing fundamentals of thought, philosophy on the power of being a host & future integrations with AI.

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