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Propagation House Spatial Design Studio

What we do

Propagation House retains a unique specialty in manifesting immersive virtual worlds, experiences & assets. We create virtual landmarks & solutions that bridge the gap between realities, communities & daily life.

Before a full-time focus on 3D, Propagation House began as a media production studio first... over a decade ago. Our genuine belief is we've merely evolved with the times, having grown to serve a larger purpose with wider ranges of impact. Beyond firsthand & real-time immersive experiences, PHSDS excels in design & media production across platforms & potential: 

Alongside our architecture & full scale world designs, we retain our roots in offering services to further integrate brand & organizational presence in 3D: including team training, consulting, transitional branding & hybrid media packages, high fidelity product placement & traditional 2D media production across dimensions & mediums: digital & physical.

3D Spatial Design

We understand the importance of clarifying vocabulary choices in an era of buzzwords. "Spatial Design" in context to our studio is the crafting of
immersive, 3D, multidimensional locations, assets & experiences.

We provide end-to-end solutions for creating 3D native locations, assets & media ready for deployment across industries, platforms, software & use cases alongside transparent guidance on how to maximize ROI.

Virtual Worlds & Experiential Design

In the realms of technology & digital art culture, PHSDS got it's name by crafting virtual worlds & augmented experiences that consistently exceeded expectations, standards & beliefs about what could be done in 3D. We host the Spatial Design Hub. A landmark that began as a garage-door-open approach on 3D workflows with weekly workshops matured into a global online creative & business network dedicated to the subject. 

Our specialty & love language is one of architecture in virtuality.

From scratch, we hold the ability to craft fluid, immersive worlds & experiences that provide genuine value & consistent utility for their audiences & users.

Hybrid Media: 3D Logos
& Transitional Branding

Transitioning to 3D can be a daunting task. With the right people, intimate know-how & clear articulation, our studio offers services for brands
looking for a quick transition into the spatial web. Entering 3D does't require a branding overhaul, just some transitional design skills. Tell us what your needs are, lets clarify them together, then we'll handle the rest.

Cross-Dimensional Fashion

The most understated aspect of digital presence is one of embodied identity. As our media & seasonal fashion releases insist: we know how to create contextual & varied brand avatars,"phygital" streetwear collections & more. Set up a call with us, we can get you started in a way that's straight forward & quick to activate.

Virtual Production

The most unspoken shift of our time in advertising is the transition to digital. Feeling lost? From renders & product images/videos to real-time events, virtual photography & film shoots- PHSDS has made a full-time commitment to pushing what's possible in the realms of virtual production.


Recognizing a world when production costs soared to cover expenses of travel, hardware & more- virtual set design, product placement & media production have provided a proven option for brands & advertising projects looking to exponentially scale their media output without paying for an entire Hollywood production team & traditional hardware.

& Strategic Partnerships

From time to time, the House has been known to work directly with brands & organizations to provide spaces, training & solutions for creating a stronger presence in the realms of digital art culture.  

At PHSDS we believe it takes a village. From team training to public speaking & events: when mission & purpose align we love to aid groups 

on recognizing 3D as the next chapter of work, creativity & communications online.

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