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Propagation House Spatial Design Studio

About the House

Propagation House retains a unique specialty in designing immersive worlds, experiences & assets. We create virtual landmarks, solutions & experiences that bridge the gap between realities, communities, & daily life. 

Providing immersive 3D architectural & experiential design services alongside resources, consulting & training for brands & orgs- we simplify the transition to virtuality.


Our studio is driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of immersive virtual architecture, experiential design & digital culture. Prioritizing results above all else, we continuously strive to redefine & expand on what's possible in virtual space.

Producing all of our media & literature in-House & alongside our international network of creatives, we possess an independent spirit that fuels our ability to lead by example. Continuously developing groundbreaking workflows through proof & documentation, we are pioneering standards of the spatial web revolution as it manifests.


We invite you to step into the extraordinary worlds we have created at Propagation House, proving the power of virtual space as a medium to transform storytelling, experiences & human interaction.

Industry Focus

Propagation House started as a multimedia company in 2013. Finding a balance between the art, outdoor recreation & tech industries led to a merge of aesthetics, interests, skillsets & contexts unique to our brand- ultimately working with a range of organizations across industries, including names like Marmot, Peak Design, Leia Inc, & NASA.

Over time & through a natural evolution, our team started to focus less on traditional 2D production methods & more on the potential of virtuality. Nearly a decade later: PHSDS stands as an industry leader in the realms of 3D virtual worlds, production & asset design. Writing books on the subject, proving world first workflows at home & aiding globally recognized artists, brands & organizations abroad- we've proven to be a go to resource for 3D activations across the spectrum of virtuality in ways that both generate real impact on the front end & integrate with daily life on the long-term.

When it comes to organic deployment & approach of 3D virtual space, architecture & immersive, experiential design across platforms & contexts: we have consistently led the pack.

Cultural Foundation

Beyond working with brands & organizations, the mission of Propagation House remains the same: to leverage the power of shared space & information, across realities.


We belive that virtual space is an expansion of reality, not a replacement. From weekly workshops hosted within our global community hubs online to local parks & installations built in concrete & stone: our studio has had a direct hand in proving the value of community spaces & making it easy to get there. 

What the industry is saying:

"Ensures by example that we'll reach the highest standard of excellence in building, development and innovative design."

Susaye Greene, The Supremes

Michael & Chris' level-headed demeanor & attention to detail made our collaboration an absolute delight. The team's remarkable expertise & acute aesthetic eye in lighting & texturing were crucial to our project's success. Their dedication to their craft, along with their ability to seamlessly integrate their skills into the project, truly set a new standard for excellence in the Metaverse space.

Benny Or, Creative Director (Co-creator of "The Meeting Place")

Propagation House is an inspiring partner for exploring new creative technology. In a recent collaboration with Leia Inc's 3D•AI hardware platform, Propagation House showcased the first outdoor use-case for using Lume Pad 2 as a field XR device. As a society we are converging on a new era where virtualization of commerce, placemaking, and self-expression will enable a new type of creator... Propagation House is on the pulse of it."

Marlon Fuentes, Social & Community at Leia Inc.

Marlon Fuentes, Social & Community at Leia Inc.

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